Twelve Posts of Blog-Mas

TwelveDaysOfChristmas‘Tis the season as well as the end of yet another year of blogging where visions of blog posts from 2013 dance in my head. In reviewing the most popular posts from the past year, The Twelve Days of Christmas melody kept popping in my consciousness. As hard as I tried to ignore the music, I simply couldn’t do it. I finally figured, why fight it? The following is a list of the 12 most popular blog posts from this year (hyperlinked for your reading convenience) and written in a format that works pretty well with the melody of The Twelve Days of Christmas.  By the way, I cut right to the chase and started with the twelfth day.  You don’t have to but feel free to sing along.

Twelve Posts of Blog-Mas by A.U. Bankaitis

On the twelfth day of Blog-Mas, my true self read to me:

Twelve Caddys Drying

Eleven “ToTTs” a Tipping

Ten Points to Ponder

Nine ZipTips Dancing

Eight Mini’s Modeling

Seven Scopes a Swimming

Six Things “a Paying”

Five Guest Blog Posts!

Four Food for Thought

 Three Fireflys

 Two TrueDios

And I wrote them all while at Oaktree! 

About A.U. Bankaitis

Audiologist & Vice President of multi-line distributor serving Audiology & hearing healthcare industry
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