Audiology Unplugged: the New Amico Otoscope Set

outletAnnoyed with having to unscrew your otoscope handle so you can plug it into a wall outlet to recharge? While far more convenient than the standard AC outlet rechargeable handles, the cost of desk-charging otoscopes can get a little pricey. And, be sure to read the fine print to understand what you will actually be getting for the money you spend; some desk chargers are packaged with a NiCad or Lithium Ion handle but exclude the otoscope head. Even upgrading a current wall outlet rechargeable otoscope handle to a desk-charging model can cost more money than the process may be worth.  So, what is an audiologist to do? Check out the new Amico Otoscope Set

AMICO-LEDThe Amico Otoscope Set offers the convenience and quality of a high-end desk charging otoscope at about half the price. The set includes a fiber optic otoscope head with an LED bulb, Lithium Ion handle with no memory effect, and a drop-in desk charger.  No need to unscrew your otoscope handle and plug into a wall outlet for recharge. Another plus for this new otoscope is that both Welch Allyn and Heine specula will fit the Amico’s diagnostic head.  As a newer product, it is ony available in 110V version; a 220V is NOT available. For more information, contact Oaktree Products at 800.347.1960 and ask customer service to tell you more about the Amico-LED.  This new otoscope set is offered at a very special price during the month of May 2014 including free domestic ground shipping on your entire order with the purchase of any Amico Otoscope Set! What are you waiting for? Call to order your new otoscope today!!

About AU Bankaitis

A.U. Bankaitis, PhD is a clinical Audiologist & Vice President of Oaktree Products, Inc., a multi-line distributor hearing healthcare products. As a doctoral candidate, her funded research documented the effects of varying degrees of HIV on the auditory system. Dr. Bankaitis successfully applied these research insights into clinical practice, becoming the leading authority on infection control and authoring many publications on the topic including the popular textbook Infection Control in the Audiology Clinic. Beyond infection control, she has also carved out a niche expertise in identifying viable product solutions intended to deliver positive patient outcomes and ensure compliance with best practice protocols. A.U. shares these insights in her popular Audiology blog (
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3 Responses to Audiology Unplugged: the New Amico Otoscope Set

  1. Dan Schwartz says:

    Does it use the same bayonet mount as Welch-Allyn & Heine?

    • aubankaitis says:

      Hi Dan;
      Not sure what you mean by bayonet mount. If you are referring to the interlocking system in terms of attaching an otoscope head to a handle, the answer is yes. Having said that, every Welch Allyn otoscope head and every Heine otoscope head will fit the Amico handle. Having said that, the Amico head will fit a Welch Allyn handle, however, the Amico head will NOT fit the Heine handle.

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