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au-2012 professionalA.U. Bankaitis, Ph.D, is Vice President of Oaktree Products, Inc. of St. Louis, MO, a multi-line distributor of hearing healthcare products. She received her Bachelors Degree in Speech & Hearing from Cleveland State University in 1990 followed by a Masters Degree in Audiology from the same institution in 1991. Dr. Bankaitis earned her doctorate from the University of Cincinnati in 1995 where her funded clinical research investigated the effects of varying degrees of HIV on the auditory system. This research track naturally led to developing a niche expertise in the area of infection control as is applies to the hearing and speech-language clinical environments.

Throughout the course of her professional career, Dr. Bankaitis has held various academic, clinic, and business positions including serving as an assistant professor at Wichita State University, Director of Audiology at the St. Louis University Medical Center’s Department of Otolaryngology, and Marketing Product Manager for a start-up middle ear implant company,  She is founder of her own publishing company Auban, Inc. Her clinical experience paired with her affiliation with Oaktree Products has made her an invaluable resource to hearing healthcare practitioners in search of practical business and/or patient communication solutions as it applies to audiology and hearing instruments.

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