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Thinking Outside of the Packaged Product’s Box

Recently, a customer was seeking a wireless communication solution for her clinical practice that would enable an audiologist to privately communicate with another audiologist during pediatric assessments. Specifically, the audiologist sitting outside of the audiometric booth (at the audiometer) needed a means to relay … Continue reading

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Audiology ToTT: Retention Clip Solution for RIC/RITEs

“Does anyone know of a hearing aid retainer that will work with a receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) and/or receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) for my adult patient?”  That is a question I hear asked more and more these days. A hearing aid retainer is an accessory that attaches to … Continue reading

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Ten Tips for Audiology Students on Making the Most of Your Summer Break – guest post by Lana Joseph

As I am finishing up my second year as an AuD student at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, I wanted to share my top ten tips on how AuD Students can make the most of this summer break! … Continue reading

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Audiology ToTT: Sticky Situations with Tubing

A question was recently posted on the AAA’s Audiology Community by a member seeking advice as to how remove tubing that has become “glued” to the earhook of a BTE without damaging the earhook. Fellow Audiology colleagues (aka #AudPeeps on Twitter) offered very good … Continue reading

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Audiology ToTT: Video otoscope isn’t just for otoscopy!

Based on feedback collected from subscribers and followers (YOUR Audiology Blog!), today’s post introduces the new blog  segment Audiology “ToTT“.  This feature is intended to provide Tips of The Trade (hence, “ToTT”) shared by Audiologists actively using products in their current practices.  As new … Continue reading

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