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Fall Back for some real Daylight Savings!

Daylight saving time will end this upcoming Sunday whereby clocks will “fall back” officially at 2:00 am local time for those areas observing this practice. It was originally adopted by many countries as a means to conserve fuel during World … Continue reading

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Ear Impression Have Gone Digital with the AURA 3D Ear Scanner – guest post by Brian Fligor & Andrew McGrath

Taking an ear impression is perhaps the most common non-diagnostic procedure performed by audiologists, and is one of the first technical skills that students learn in audiology training programs.  While common, taking ear impressions is also a very technically challenging … Continue reading

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When your Impression Material Goes Away….

Don’t you hate it when your absolutely favorite impression material is no longer available? Occasionally, it happens. For example, not too long ago, the Silhouette impression material was discontinued, leaving many of my colleagues with empty DM-50 cartridge guns wondering … Continue reading

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Making Same-Day Custom Ear Products On the Spot!

Did you know that instant silicone material is available for your convenience? Instant silicone products are designed for making custom earmolds, swim plugs, and/or noise protectors in-house, eliminating the need to send impressions to an earmold manufacturer.  These products are extremely convenient in a variety of situations including offering … Continue reading

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Making the Correct Impression Decisions

Earmold impression material is packaged in a variety of forms including equal component systems, tub and accelerator, powder and liquid, individual units, and cartridge material. For those of you thinking about switching to cartridge material or considering a change in cartridge brand, keep … Continue reading

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