Audiology ToTT: Video otoscope isn’t just for otoscopy!

tipsBased on feedback collected from subscribers and followers (YOUR Audiology Blog!), today’s post introduces the new blog  segment Audiology “ToTT.  This feature is intended to provide Tips of The Trade (hence, “ToTT”) shared by Audiologists actively using products in their current practices.  As new  information is acquired,  additional Audiology ToTTs will be posted with the hope that other clinicians can apply these suggestions in their own clinic. For example, did you know that a video otoscope can be used in different ways others than performing otoscopy?

ff-de550An Audiologist visiting the Oaktree Products booth at AudiologyNOW 2013 in Anaheim mentioned using their Firefly Video Otoscope to examine hearing instruments. The receiver port of a hearing instrument occasionally gets clogged with cerumen and/or debris that may be difficult to see with the naked eye.  This Audiologists uses their Firefly Video Otoscope not only to perform otoscopy (see Firefly YouTube Video on Oaktree Products Channel), but to visually inspect hearing aid ports in a magnified fashion.  The larger image generated by the video otoscope assists in identifying cerumen located deeper down the port, providing the opportunity to manually remove the cerumen in the office rather than sending it off for repair.

wa-macroview1Not too long ago, a customer purchased several Welch Ally Digital Macroview Video Otoscopes for his practice and the staff started using the product in a unique way. When dispensing hearing instruments, the video otoscope is used to help the patient see their ear when practicing proper hearing instrument (or earmold) insertion.  With the computer monitor located in front of the patient, when the Audiologist directs the video otoscope at the side of the patient’s head, it provides the patient with a large and clear view of their ear.  This video otoscope application is far less cumbersome than using multiple mirrors. So, next time you use or consider investing in a video otoscope, remember:  it isn’t just for otoscopy! Look for future Audiology ToTTs and continue checking out the popular Guest Blog segment posted the first Wednesday of every new month.

About AU Bankaitis

A.U. Bankaitis, PhD is a clinical Audiologist with extensive clinical, research, and business experience within the hearing industry. Dr. Bankaitis created this blog to educate her colleagues on viable product solutions for their patients and/or clinical practice.
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7 Responses to Audiology ToTT: Video otoscope isn’t just for otoscopy!

  1. Kaycie Muir says:

    Useful tips! Thanks!

  2. Dr AU: I tried an otoscope similar to the Firefly, but had an issue with shallow depth-of-field, and returned it. What is the DOF; or what is the aperture & focal length (& I’ll calculate)?

    • aubankaitis says:

      Hi Dan: not sure what specific otocope you are referring to as “similar to the Firefly”. Just wanted to make sure that readers didn’t confuse your comment about experiencing specific depth-of-field (DOF) issues (and returning the product) with the Firefly product; when set up properly and set to the best channel, the Firefly offers what I consider incredible DOF and image quality. Regarding your very specific questions about DOF, I will provide the DOF by tomorrow.

      • Thank you, as I’m looking forward to the data. If it’s adequate, I’ll order one.

        • aubankaitis says:

          Hi Dan:
          sorry for the delay in response regarding DOF as I wanted to confirm some things with the manufacturer. The Firefly offers up to 5mm of DOF whereas most other video otoscopes offer 2-3mm DOF which may not sound like a lot but when used in small enclosed spaces like the ear canal, the 5mm DOF makes a huge difference in image quality In addition, the Firefly applies some algorithms to manage glare. It really offers a great image of the TM. Keep in mind that there are a few better VO out there BUT you will be paying $8K versus under $325 or so.

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