Anticipated Makeover for Dri-Brik II

The Dry-Brik II is a desiccant used in the family of Dry & Store products designed to remove moisture from hearing instruments.  Recently, Ear Technology Corporation announced plans to make a future change in the Dry-Brik II.  Specifically, the copper strip located at one end of the Dry-Brik will soon be eliminated.  The copper strip is intended for use with the Dry & Store Professional model only, as part of that model’s desiccant detection system.  In the event a user forgets to place a Dry-Brik into the unit, a CHECK DRAWER light illuminates, preventing the ability to turn the unit on.  Once a Dry-Brik is placed in the unit, the copper strip on the bottom of the desiccant makes contact with springs in the drawer, deactivating the CHECK DRAWER warning.

Users of any other Dry & Store product (i.e. Global, Global II or Zephyr) will not be affected by the future change in the Dry-Brik II and the general guidelines for replacing the Dry-Brik every two months will not change.   The only users affected by this desiccant change are current users of the already discontinued Dry & Store Professional model.   In the event you have a patients currently using a Dry & Store Professional who experiences issues with the newly designed Dry-Brik, contact Ear Technologies directly at 800-327-8547o.

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