Win-Win Situation for Audiologist!

Last week, while attending the Missouri Academy of Audiology (MAA) Scope of Practice convention in St. Louis, MO, Francis Kuk of Widex said something that I certainly was not expecting to hear. As an invited speaker to MAA, Dr. Kuk addressed several topics including the management of low-frequency hearing loss as well as tinnitus management. Both presentations were extremely informative and entertaining, however, it is what he said during lunch to all the MAA attendees that made my jaw drop. Removing his Widex hat for just a moment and replacing it with his Board-Member-of-the-American-Academy-of-Audiology-Foundation (AAAF) hat, Dr. Kuk briefly explained how the AAAF promotes philanthropy in support of research, education, and public awareness in audiology and hearing sciences on a global, national, and local scale.  To that end, he announced a new initiative whereby the AAAF will earmark 25% of any state-academy member’s 2012-13 tax-deductable donations back to their state academy’s educational program.  In other words, for every dollar you donate to the AAAF in 2012-13, your state academy will have 25 cents earmarked or set aside to assist with state educational programs (i.e. state meetings).

This is a total WIN-WIN situation not only for AAAF, but for every audiologist and their corresponding state academy. As soon as I heard this announcement, I whipped out my purse and wrote out another check to AAAF.  I had already donated but this is such a great idea, it was worth writing out another check. I challenge every audiologist to make a donation to AAAF in any amount, even if it is $10.  For you students out there, organize a fund-raiser and donate the proceeds to AAAF to ensure that your state academy is earmarked 25% of that gift. If you don’t have an established student academy association and/or the time/energy to coordinate a fund-raiser, make a commitment to skip that Starbucks Grande-triple-latte-extra-whip one day next week and give that $3-$5 to the AAAF.  To take part in this program, simply visit to make your donation, and denote your state academy’s name in the tribute description.  Feel good while helping your local audiology community and the profession at large!

About AU Bankaitis

A.U. Bankaitis, PhD is a clinical Audiologist with extensive clinical, research, and business experience within the hearing industry. Dr. Bankaitis created this blog to educate her colleagues on viable product solutions for their patients and/or clinical practice.
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8 Responses to Win-Win Situation for Audiologist!

  1. Happy to hear this. The AAAF does great things. I’ll spread the word.

  2. francis kuk says:

    Thank you, A.U.. you ROCK!!! On behalf of the AAAF, I want to thank you for your additional donations and your blog. I hope all our readers will donate to the AAAF and help grow our profession.

  3. Gail Whitelaw says:

    As always, thanks for an incredible blog post, A.U. and to the AAAF for this win-win program. Logging on now to make a contribution…great way to give the Ohio Academy of Audiology a little love, too!

    • aubankaitis says:

      Gail, I love my fellow Ohioans! Way to go on contributing. One more funny thing since I am from Ohio thought I would share. When listening to Fracis talk abuot AAAF during lunch, I was to Erin Miller (of Ohio!) and when he made the earmark announcement, we both essentially looked at one another with the same suprise and excitement as the photo of the kiddo in today’s blog post.

  4. Dale Hansen says:

    This is wonderful news…I don’t do Starbucks, but I can sacrifice desert…and add this to our FB page.

    • aubankaitis says:

      YOU ROCK my friend. Thanks for supporting Audiology and thanks for posting on your FB page….spread the word. Can you imaging in EVERY Audiologist who belong to AAA would donate $5 to $10?

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