Do-It-Yourself Earplug Fitting System

VSHP-Headband2The VitaSound Hearing Protector is a relatively new do-it-yourself fitting system designed to safely create custom earplugs utilizing the SonoFit delivery system. The SonoFit system is a headband connected to two silicone-filled inflation pumps (one on either side of the head) and a corresponding earpiece.  Once positioned on the head, each earpiece (color-coded red for right and blue for left) is inserted into the appropriate ear canal.  Upon activation, the inflation pump injects an optimal amount ofsilicone into the earpiece. The patented earpiece is comprised of an ear canal-shaped core that is covered with a medical-grade silicone bladder.  As the inflation pump delivers the silicone VSHP-Headband-on-headmaterial, it fills the empty space between the core and the bladder, allowing the bladder to conform to the shape and size of the individual’s ear canal. For a visual illustration of the process, watch the VitaSound animation short here (NOTE: there is no audio). The silicone always remains contained within the bladder and does not make direct contact with the external auditory canal. The silicone cures in 5 minutes.

After the material fully cures, the headband is removed and the earpieces are detached from the SonoFit delivery system. The faceplate is then adhered to the custom ear plug. A detachable lanyard may be used to offer users a corded pair of customized ear plugs. Each
VitaSounds Hearing Protector (item# VSHP-150) comes packaged with one pair of hearing protectors, two faceplates, one carrying pouch, one bottle of fitting solution (to use when using the SonoFit delivery system to make the custom ear plug and/or the user to use for vshp-150 doneeasier insertion of custom ear plugs), and one detachable cord/lanyard. According to product packaging, the VitaSound Hearing Protector provides an NRR of 28dB. For more information, contact Oaktree Products at 800.347.1960 and ask for customer service. Product information and pricing available on-line by logging into your account at and entering item number VSHP-150 or “VitaSound” in the search box.


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A.U. Bankaitis, PhD is a clinical Audiologist with extensive clinical, research, and business experience within the hearing industry. Dr. Bankaitis created this blog to educate her colleagues on viable product solutions for their patients and/or clinical practice.
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10 Responses to Do-It-Yourself Earplug Fitting System

  1. JR Smith says:

    Seems handy but not too environmentally friendly: a lot to toss after on use.

  2. How do you refill the silicone? Do you need special cartridges? If so, how many plugs do you get per cartridge?

    • AU Bankaitis says:

      what a great question! This system is a one-time-use, one-time-only product. It is designed to make one pair of custom ear plugs. Once done, there is no way to refill the silicone. You just toss it.

  3. Blaine Smith says:


    • AU Bankaitis says:

      Blaine, curious for more feedback in terms of what you mean by clumsy. I haven’t actually put this in my ears (we had limits to demos) but I did send two units to audiologists in the field and am awaiting feedback. Have you had experience with this? Very curious to hear! Thanks.

  4. Thanks for your fast reply AU! I find that interesting. How much?

  5. AU,
    Interesting unit. Assuming a person does this in their own home. Would it not be wise to have the ears evaluated with an otoscope by an Audiologist? Many other questions come up as well. Thanks!

    • AU Bankaitis says:

      Rich: i envisioned this product more as something audiologist would buy and perhaps use in situations where they needed to create custom ear plugs for a number of people at a time, like at a health fair or perhaps at a gun show where traditional means may not be practical and the interest by the consumer would be i-want-to-buy-it-now.

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