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India, Earplugs & Quiet Bliss – guest post by D’Anne Rudden

When planning a backpacking trip to India, there are certain “must haves”, outside of your clothes, that should make the final cut in your limited packing space: 1) bug spray, 2) a mobile pharmacy, and 3) earplugs (for sure). Being an … Continue reading

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Hearing Protection that is TRU Blue, Pink & Smoke

Looking for hearing protection that maintains sound quality across the frequency spectrum so you can enjoy listening to live music, sporting events, movies and/or other recreational activities? The TRU Universal WR20 Earplugs are a great off-the-shelf solution, offering full-frequency hearing protection for mid-level … Continue reading

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Great Product for Musicians and Music Lovers!

How often do you come across a patient in your clinical practice with a history of exposure to loud music who needs to seriously  consider some form of hearing protection? Rather than suggesting traditional earplugs that degrade music quality and require removal of earplugs … Continue reading

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