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New CS-QConnect Makes Landline Phones Bluetooth Enabled!

Know any patients who wish their home phones were Bluetooth enabled so they could wirelessly chit-chat with friends and family using their landline phone? The ClearSounds QConnect (CS-QConnect) is a great solution to consider for optimizing communication. This new Bluetooth … Continue reading

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Oaktree Products’ 2017 Silver Anniversary Catalog

The 2017 Oaktree Products catalog is now available and hitting your clinic’s doorstep during the month of January.  The artwork adorning this year’s cover was created by Nicole Borg, a company employee since 2013 with an incredible artistic talent. The … Continue reading

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Hearing Aids Gave Me My Youth Back – guest blog post by Anne Walker

My name is Anne Walker and I have been employed at Oaktree Products as a customer service representative since January 2008. Getting hearing aids was one of the best things I ever did for myself and I wanted to share … Continue reading

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When Your Hearing Aid Patient Needs Help with Business Phone

So, you successfully fit your patient with a high-end hearing aid with a streamer and all is wonderful in the world until they go to work.  They would like to have their business phone conversations streamed directly to their hearing … Continue reading

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Resource Information At Your Fingertips

If you have information at your fingertips, it means the information is convenient, easy to find, and easily accessible. The Oaktree Products website offers information at your fingertips beyond product details and pictures that will help you make informed decisions about your … Continue reading

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PerfectClean – guest blog post by C.J. Loeffler

The PerfectClean®, the first and only system in the world of its kind, is a patented electronic device specially developed for the safe and effective removal of earwax from all types of standard or custom hearing aids.  Each device comes … Continue reading

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Hush™, the World’s First Smart Earplugs – guest blog post by Daniel Lee

Snoring can be very disruptive to one’s sleep and has a much deeper negative impact than may be initially realized. Studies show that spouses lose more than an hour of sleep as a result of their snoring spouses.1  Also, the sleep … Continue reading

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How do PSAPs fit into the modern audiology practice? – guest post by Drew Dundas

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with many patients with a common set of complaints. Let me set the scene for you. It’s a morning or an afternoon on a day that ends with ‘y’, and your … Continue reading

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