The Misunderstood Macroview Video Otoscope

Did you know that the Welch Allyn Digital Macroview Video Otoscope not only captures images but can also record video? If you weren’t aware of this otoscope’s capabilities, don’t feel so bad; since the otoscope interfaces with the plug and play feature of computers, with older versions of Windows, you can easily fall under the impression that it can only capture images, making it one of the most misunderstood otoscopes used by audiologists. The good news is you can record video with the Macroview in the presence of older versions of Windows!

For those of you using a computer with Windows 1997-2003 versions, the Digital Macroview Video Otoscope may be used to perform otoscopy and capture images by simply plugging the otoscope into the USB port of a computer via the 10 foot USB cable without the installation of the WA Viewer Utility CD (included in packaging). Your computer will recognize the presence of a new USB device. By navigating to MY COMPUTER and selecting the USB VIDEO DEVICE icon, the otoscope’s video will be activated, streaming images on your computer screen. To capture an image, press and hold any one of the two function buttons located on the back of the otoscope head for 1 second and then release. Bare in mind, however, that using the Digital Macroview Video Otoscope in this fashion will NOT allow you to record video. This is where some users assume that this video otoscope can only capture images.

To record video using older versions of Windows, it will be necessary to install the provided software (WA Viewer Utility CD). Once the software is installed, select the WELCH ALLYN VIEWER icon from the desktop. The WA Viewer screen will allow you to not only perform video otoscopy and capture images, but to record video. In this scenario, images may be captured in one of two ways: 1) click the camera icon located on the left hand side of the computer screen with your mouse, or 2) press and hold any one of the two function buttons located on the back of the otoscope head for 1 second and then release. To start recording video, click the video icon located immediately under the previously mentioned camera icon with your mouse; click the same icon again to stop recording.

According to Welch Allyn, the Digital Macroview is a plug and play otoscope that will allow image capture and video recording for computers equipped with Windows XP Service Pack 2.0 or higher versions. To view a demonstration of the Digital Macroview Video Otoscope, go to the demo section of the WA website for a quick video demo.  Check out the Digital Macroview Quick Start Guide for reference.

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13 Responses to The Misunderstood Macroview Video Otoscope

  1. Massimo says:

    I would like to know whether the digital WA veterinary Macroview otoscope is different from the human one. I’m a general practitioner performing routine otoscopies and I bought – because my mistake – an used veterinary instrument on eBay. However it seems work fine, using “human” specula (I own a not-digital Macroview too). Am I wrong?

    • aubankaitis says:

      In looking up the product on WA site, the vetrinary Macroview appears to be pretty much the same as the digital macroview with the exception that the vetrinary version comes pre-packaged with a few vetrinary specula which will be WAY longer (because it is intended for use with animals) that the standard specula used with the digital Macroview (for humans). As long as the appropriately sized specula fit, you are good to go as far as i can tell!

      • Massimo says:

        Thank you for your quick answer, aubankaitis. I confirm the human specula fit perfectly the “vetrinary” WA Digital Macroview. I believe the same instrument is suitable for both uses, with the appropriate specula.

      • Massimo says:

        I found finally the difference between Vet and Human WA digital Macroview: the resolution of the vet device is 640×512, while that of the human one is 1280×1024 pix.

  2. Rajat Goel says:

    I am interested in buying WA Digital Macroview Video otoscope. how to buy? I am from INDIA. Can u plz help me?

    • aubankaitis says:

      Hi Rajat:
      You can to to and select SET UP NEW ACCOUNT, the light blue box located in the lower right hand corner of the homepage. Fill out the required information so we can set up an account (we only sell to health care providers) and from there, we can activate your web account and you can order directly from the website. I hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me directly at

  3. Dan Schwartz says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, as I ramp up to go back into dispensing after a 15 year hiatus.

    The video capture feature is handy, especially when using an otoscope while working on an engine! 😛

    • aubankaitis says:

      Hey Dan!
      Glad you could benefit from the posting. We were confused a little bit on this end with all the different computers that we were hooking the otoscope up to and I think we finally figured at least one piece of the puzzle! I will get your blog on my blogroll today!

  4. Rich Reikowski, Au.D says:

    Nice post about the video otoscopes. I have also liked your posts on Facebook. We are friends on FB. Do check out our blog posts when you have a moment.
    Have a nice day!

    • aubankaitis says:

      Hi Rich:
      Thanks for the comment; I was confused about this otoscope initially until I started trying it out on different systems. I will certainly check out your blog posts today. Enjoy the rest of your week and let me know if you would like for me to blog about anything in particular in the future. au

      • Patrick says:


        Would you be so kind and help me with my issue? I have this same Welch Allyn DigitalMacroview 23920, but I cannot get the software i.e. the viewer. I would greatly appreciate your help. hank you in advance and have a pleasant afternoon.


        • aubankaitis says:

          hi Patrick: i will be back in the office on monday and will be able to help you then; it should have been included in your package; I am assuming you purchased this through oaktree products however if you purchased it from somewhere else, I will figure it out for you. My email at work is and if you don’t hear from me monday, please feel free to touch base there. Thanks so much. au

        • aubankaitis says:

          Patrick: I heard you found the CD. Fabulous! Good luck using the Digital Macroview. I really like that video otoscope!

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