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Hush™, the World’s First Smart Earplugs – guest blog post by Daniel Lee

Snoring can be very disruptive to one’s sleep and has a much deeper negative impact than may be initially realized. Studies show that spouses lose more than an hour of sleep as a result of their snoring spouses.1  Also, the sleep … Continue reading

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Spotlight Blog Post – Interview with Aspiring Professional Napper Nancy Steinbrecher

An employee at Oaktree Products recently assumed the role of “Professional Napper” to test-drive and provide feedback on four new tinnitus maskers: 1) Sleep Therapy Pillow, 2) Serene Under Pillow SleepSound System, 3) SleepPhone Classic, and 4) SleepPhone Wireless System. … Continue reading

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What Does a Chicken Have to Do with Hearing Loss?

What would you think if someone told you that a baby chick holds the cure for hearing loss? One of the keys to restoring normal hearing in humans is cochlear hair cell regeneration, something that most animals other than mammals, including chickens, can … Continue reading

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Visually Represent Audiology in Your Office!

Spruce up your office in the new year with some audiology-related artwork.  The Art of Hearing is a series of bright, colorful, and educational images of the ear designed to be displayed in your clinical practice as a  unique means of educating your patient’s understanding … Continue reading

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