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Even Mild Hearing Loss Can Kill You

Good Morning America ran a story this morning warning parents that more than 80% of children between the ages of 2 and 13 did not wake up to an active smoke detector.  As I watched, I nodded my head because that … Continue reading

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Free app turns smart phone into ALD for TV listening

As previously mentioned in a guest post submitted for my colleague Gyl Kasewurm’s blog (see Hearing industry: rose bush full of thorns or thorn bush full of roses?), the hearing industry has been undergoing a drastic change, bringing the independent private … Continue reading

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How do PSAPs fit into the modern audiology practice? – guest post by Drew Dundas

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with many patients with a common set of complaints. Let me set the scene for you. It’s a morning or an afternoon on a day that ends with ‘y’, and your … Continue reading

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DryDome for Hearing Instruments

Every hearing instrument wearer benefits from a dehumidifier yet not everyone necessarily needs a heavy-duty version to do a sufficient job. The new, compact, and economically priced DryDome from the makers of Dry & Store is the perfect option for proactively extending … Continue reading

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What was HOT in Phoenix at AudiologyNow2016: Top Five Breakdown

AudiologyNow2016 has come and gone. If you were unable to attend or made the trip to Phoenix but need a little reminder as to what was hot, have no fear! The Oaktree Products’ team (pictured right) included Nicole Borg (customer … Continue reading

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Top Ten Questions with Joe Alden of Alpaca Audiology

Q:  For my blog followers who may not be familiar, can you briefly describe the who and what about Alpaca Audiology?  A:  Sure!  Alpaca Audiology is a Negotiating Network focused on being the group to crack the code and get … Continue reading

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A Few Good Otoscopes

As a woman, I personally don’t need an entire arsenal of really great shoes but, at the end of the day, I need to have at least two to three go-to shoes.  As an audiologist, I never needed a thousand … Continue reading

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Uncertain About Amplified Stethoscopes? #AskOaktree

Finding a suitable amplified stethoscope solution for medical professionals with hearing loss remains a challenge.  Oaktree Products, a multi-line distributor of over 4000 hearing healthcare products, handles at least 12-15 inquiries a day from audiologists seeking information about amplified stethoscope … Continue reading

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