Disposable Suction Tubes for Cerumen Removal!

Disposable suction tubes are finally here and available only at Oaktree Products.  These instruments are the perfect addition to your arsenal of cerumen management instruments, particularly if you  perform suction occasionally or are in a situation where company policy prefers the use of disposable instruments over re-usable instruments as part of their infection control plan.

The disposable Frazier suction tube pictured at the right is comprised of a medical grade stainless steel tube with a durable plastic base.  Available lumen sizes include 6, 9 and 12 French with 9 French (item #66501030) representing the ideal size for cerumen removal. The disposable Frazier suction tubes are packaged 10 per box at a cost of $97 per box.

A second type of disposable suction tube (shown to the left) is also available.  This Baron-style suction tube is comprised of two separate components including a metal suction tube and an elongated, white plastic House/Hough style handle.  As shown in the lower image, the suction tube disconnects from the handle, allowing disposal of just the metal suction tube after one-time use and/or the ability to change out suction tubes during cerumen removal.  Available in several sizes, the most popular size for cerumen removal is size 7.5 French. These disposable suction tubes (item #66500250) are packaged 10 per box at a price of  $19.95 per box.  The handles must be purchased separately; a box of ten handles (item #66500992) runs $16.50.

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