PerfectClean – guest blog post by C.J. Loeffler

PCleanThe PerfectClean®, the first and only system in the world of its kind, is a patented electronic device specially developed for the safe and effective removal of earwax from all types of standard or custom hearing aids.  Each device comes complete with a USB micro cable and wall adapter capable of 100-240vac 50/60hz operating range.  This is achieved by a 90 minute, three-cycle process consisting of washing, drying and disinfecting of the hearing aid receiver.  For optimal care and best results, the recommended use of the PerfectClean is on a daily basis.  What makes this device so unique is the ease of operation.  With just the simple press of a button, the device is able to perform on its own, and turns off at the end of the operation.  To use the PerfectClean all the patient needs to do is place the hearing aids inside, close the lid, and press the power button.

technology-mgMG Development has been in development and field testing of this revolutionary product for over 5 years.  PerfectClean uses our patented Electronic Safe Solution in a 25 minute agitation vortex motion for the ear wax removal.  A second cycle is then followed by forced air heat of 60 minutes, at 113° Fahrenheit to ensure the removal of moisture.  The final cycle is 5 minutes of strong UV-C light for proven 99% disinfection of the hearing aid.  The electronic Safe Solution comes in a plastic refill cartridge that offers your patient approximately 45 cycles of usage.  The PerfectClean also has built-in distinctive light indicators to alert the user when the device is running, requires a new solution refill cartridge, or the filter is in need of cleaning.  All PerfectClean also come with a 2 year warranty.  Get your patients a PerfectClean today so they can also “hear well every day”.

CJ picMy name is C.J. Loeffler, and I am the Director of Sales at MG Development.  Before taking on this role my previous career years were spent in the technology industry.  My background comes from being the National Field Manager of North America for Google, and District Manager for Microsoft.  At MG Development my bold promise is to grow our brand and product line, constantly improving and developing more efficient and quality products to evolve the hearing aid industries hygiene and maintenance care options.  Our goal is to offer a solution to your patients, so they can also stand by our slogan, “hear well every day”.

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A.U. Bankaitis, PhD is a clinical Audiologist with extensive clinical, research, and business experience within the hearing industry. Dr. Bankaitis created this blog to educate her colleagues on viable product solutions for their patients and/or clinical practice.
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6 Responses to PerfectClean – guest blog post by C.J. Loeffler

  1. Raji parangad says:

    What is the cost????

  2. C.J. Loeffler says:

    Hi Dan. As the guest blogger, I thought I would be best to respond, to give the most educated information about our product. It is not a solvent, as a solvent would be something that would be an aggressive liquid, or used to break down material. Rather we call it a solution. The solution is an engineered and patented liquid that has been in development along with the PerfectClean device for over 5 years. It has been tested by the hearing aid manufacturers and patients across the globe in the process of development. The solution in fact is electronic safe, again tested, proven, and certified. It is non corrosive, non rusting, and will have no impact on the shortening of life of the mics, receivers, or the circuit connections. It will also not affect the nano coating. Hence the 5+ years of development and engineering and only now to be sold for consumer usage. In fact, in a 3 year time frame of daily usage, the performance was never impacted, and the hearing aid devices worked as they did on day 1. Of course, it’s a patented device, with a patented solution so of course I can’t give you the proportions and all the ingredients. Hope this helps solve some of your concerns!

    • Bruce Wagner says:

      If the solution is patented, then it would be illegal to copy it, so wouldn’t it be safe to say what it is? I understand that you are reluctant to admit that it is solvent, but water is a solvent. I’m being picky because when I was a young man, 111 Tricloroethane was considered to be a wonderful fluid for cleaning electronic devices, including hearing aids! Nonetheless, I’m inclined to buy one of these things to see how well it works. If the “solution” is a little hazardous, I’ll just be careful. After all, we use lots of hazardous products every day.

      • C.J. Loeffler says:

        Hi Bruce. I am glad that you are inclined and interested in the PerfectClean. The solution is not hazardous so no need for concern. We went through extensive testing, over many years before bringing this product to market. I hope you purchase one and enjoy it for your personal usage. Recommended use is daily. The solution provides approximately 45 cycles so be sure to remember this when needing to get a refill! Have a great day

  3. Dan Schwartz says:

    Exactly what solvent is used? Some can dissolve the nanocoating, which would drastically shorten the life of the mics, receivers, and circuit connections.

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