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presentingWhat would be the most efficient way to present information to patients about their hearing so that they understand the intent of the message being relayed? Verbally reviewing the results of audiometric testing with the  audiogram as a visual tool is something patients most likely expect; who wouldn’t want to see and hear about the results of a test pertaining to their health care? Furthermore, if there is an issue that needs to be further addressed, it becomes critical for the patient to understand the issue at hand in order to make the most informed decision. Since it is very easy for individuals to forget information they don’t understand or don’t take the time to comprehend, the following new counseling tools may be useful in helping your patients better retain information about their hearing.

earflipThe Ear Flip Card with Stand is the perfect tool to use with patients when discussing various aspects of ear canal anatomy or pathology.  Each set includes ten (10) double-sided cards depicting illustrations that include the normal adult and infant ears, middle ear effusion, external view of the tympanic membrane, middle ear ossicles, inner ear, tonotopic organization of the basilar membrane, cross section of the cochlea, healthy cochlear hair cells, damaged cochlear hair cells, audiogram of every day sounds, auditory neural BT-4111034pathways, and the auditory cortex. The stand makes it easy to flip through the cards as needed for a customized counseling experience. In addition, the Ear Tablet is tablet of 50 tear-off sheets illustrating a colorful cross section of the ear and something your patient can take home with them as reference. Be sure to check out the new line of posters on the ear, ear disorders, the audiogram of everyday sounds, and daily noise. Available in a variety of sizes as well as in English or Spanish, dry-erase markers (not included) may be used to write on and wipe off mark-ups. Free domestic shipping on your order during the month of August that includes any of these cool, creative, and colorful new counseling tools! For more information, contact customer service at Oaktree Products toll-free 800.347.1960.



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A.U. Bankaitis, PhD is a clinical Audiologist with extensive clinical, research, and business experience within the hearing industry. Dr. Bankaitis created this blog to educate her colleagues on viable product solutions for their patients and/or clinical practice.
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