Audiology ToTT: Retention Clip Solution for RIC/RITEs

ask question“Does anyone know of a hearing aid retainer that will work with a receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) and/or receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) for my adult patient?”  That is a question I hear asked more and more these days. A hearing aid retainer is an accessory that attaches to a hearing instrument to prevent loss of the device during activity. There are a variety of retainers available for pediatric and adult patient populations; they all have been specifically designed to work with either ITEs or more traditional BTEs. Critter, Dino and Sea Clips, Huggie Aids, and Ear Gear remain popular with pediatric patients whereas the OtoClip, OtoClip Colors, OtoClip for Eyeglasses, and Loop’em tend to attract adult hearing instrument wearers.  In the absence of a hearing aid retainer specifically designed for RIC/RITEs, is there a solution currently out there?

The answer, of course, is yes! I am happy to report that the solution offered in this post was recently verified by audiologist Suzanne Yoder via the American Academy of Audiology’s (AAA) Audiology Community platform in her response to a colleague asking this  question. otoclip for iteThe ITE versions of either the OtoClip or OtoClip Colors can be used with RIC/RITEs. Simply attach the OtoClip onto the RIC/RITE wire via the clasp located at the end of the loop.  Once the RIC/RITE is positioned in the ear, have the patient move the OtoClip cord up and over the ear, allowing the cord to simply rest between the mastoid and the back of the pinna. By the way, there is no need to invest in the ITE Fastener Kit; that kit is only necessary when intending to use the OtoClip with an ITE. Contact Oaktree Products toll-free at 800.347.1960 and ask for customer service for more information and to place your order.

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A.U. Bankaitis, PhD is a clinical Audiologist with extensive clinical, research, and business experience within the hearing industry. Dr. Bankaitis created this blog to educate her colleagues on viable product solutions for their patients and/or clinical practice.
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