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Hearing Aids Gave Me My Youth Back – guest blog post by Anne Walker

My name is Anne Walker and I have been employed at Oaktree Products as a customer service representative since January 2008. Getting hearing aids was one of the best things I ever did for myself and I wanted to share … Continue reading

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When Your Hearing Aid Patient Needs Help with Business Phone

So, you successfully fit your patient with a high-end hearing aid with a streamer and all is wonderful in the world until they go to work.  They would like to have their business phone conversations streamed directly to their hearing … Continue reading

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DryDome for Hearing Instruments

Every hearing instrument wearer benefits from a dehumidifier yet not everyone necessarily needs a heavy-duty version to do a sufficient job. The new, compact, and economically priced DryDome from the makers of Dry & Store is the perfect option for proactively extending … Continue reading

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The Eagle Has Landed Again!

A new hearing instrument dehumidifier showcasing an eagle with an American flag backdrop is now available exclusively from Oaktree Products. The patriotic design was created by the artistically talented Nicole Borg, a customer service representative employed at Oaktree Products since … Continue reading

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Gift of Listening with HeardIT! – guest post by Liz Alessi

Listening is a learned skill and just like any muscle of the body, it is beneficial for individuals to exercise their “listening muscles”. This is particularly important for individuals with hearing loss, a condition that can lead to social isolation … Continue reading

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Three Clicks to Learn, Influence & Celebrate

CLICK #1: How many times have you sent a CIC back to the hearing aid manufacturer just to have the drawstring repaired? Learn how to do this repair in your own offic with a handful of products your probably already have … Continue reading

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Don’t Compete with your Competition; Make them Compete with You – guest post by Serge Traylor

Remember when you made the switch from your old TV to one of those “flat screens”? Why did you buy what you did? What was your purchase journey and what factors ultimately drove you to the purchase you made? And, … Continue reading

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How to Connect a Hearing Instrument Streamer to an Amplified Stethoscope

There are currently two amplified stethoscopes available designed to directly interface with a hearing instrument streamer: 1) the E-Scope II and 2) Thinklabs One (TL-One). In both instances, cords are needed to directly connect the hearing instrument streamer to the amplified … Continue reading

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