Hottest Product from 2017 You Gotta Know About

While this hearing instrument dehumidifier is not new to the 2018 Oaktree Products catalog, the PerfectDry Lux (item# 00016) resonated with many of our customers (and their patients) last year, resulting in skyrocketing demand. The PerfectDry Lux first appeared in our 2015 catalog with modest sales; there was probably some hesitation as to the effectiveness of the product in pulling moisture from hearing instruments since it operates without a desiccant. Within a short period of time, customers feel in love with the product, including how the device is so nicely packaged.  It makes patients feel like they are either getting or buying something really special.  Sales of this product in 2017 increased by nearly 220% from the previous year with a return rate of less than 1%. Unless a patient experiences out-of-the-ordinary moisture build-up, this is a product worth checking out.

More than a handful of our customers have incorporated the PerfectDry Lux as part of their premium hearing instrument package. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of around $70 is at a price point that many patients feel is a good investment given the device benefits with regard to minimizing repair costs and associated inconveniences associated with moisture build-up. To find out your pricing, login to the Oaktree Products website or contact customer service at 800.347.1960.

The things I hear the most from customers regarding what their patients like about the PerfectDry Lux include ease of use, no need for using a desiccant, the quick 30 minute drying cycle, and the overall look and feel of the product. To learn more about this dehumidifier, read my previous blog post Perfect Product with an extra WOW! from early 2016 and check out our QuickFlick on the PerfectDry Lux on the Oaktree Products YouTube Channel.

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