Amped-up Neckloops!

Did you know there are amplified neckloops available for your patients to use not only for hearing cell phone conversations via their t-coil equipped hearing instruments but to also talk back to the other party during the cell phone conversation?  For example, the ClearSounds CS-CLA7v2 is an amplified neckloop with a built-in microphone that is capable of picking up the user’s voice and directing it back to the cell phone. In addition, this amplified neckloop provides up to 30 dB of additional gain that may be adjusted via a rotary volume control wheel located on the side of the neckloop base. It comes packaged with five additional connection cables to allow for hands-free connection with a variety of other devices including home and office phones, laptop computers, portable gaming devices, MP3/iPods, personal/TV listening systems and other audio devices.  There is also a new cable available for connecting the iPhone to the CLA7v2 neckloop.

If your patient is interested in a Bluetooth option, the ClearSounds Quattro Bluetooth neckloop is available. It works just like the CLA7v2 with the exception that it does not require the use of connectivity cables. Once the Quattro is paired with another Bluetooth enabled device, information is transmitted wirelessly. In the event a particular audio source of interest is not Bluetooth enabled, an optional Bluetooth transmitter called the QLink is available. The QLink interfaces with the non-Bluetooth audio source and, in turn, transmits Bluetooth signals from the audio source directly to the Quattro. The other nice thing about this neckloop is that it comes equipped with a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack, enabling non-hearing instrument wearers to use the device with headphones. It also supports A2DP technology for streaming audio and media. For more information on these and other amplified neckloop products, contact Oaktree Products at 800.347.1960.

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A.U. Bankaitis, PhD is a clinical Audiologist with extensive clinical, research, and business experience within the hearing industry. Dr. Bankaitis created this blog to educate her colleagues on viable product solutions for their patients and/or clinical practice.
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