Getting a Handle on the Difference Between A versus C – guest post by Dave Kemp

A vs CAs the newest member of the Oaktree Products Family, I am busy getting my product knowledge up to speed.  Recently, a customer called to #AskOaktree what the difference was between the silver Welch Allyn 71000-A full-size otoscope handle versus the silver Welch Allyn 71000-C full size handle. This is a great question because at a quick glance, these handles look identical.  Also, it is one of the first questions I asked my Oaktree Products co-workers back in January so it seems like the perfect opportunity to share with all of you a little bit of the #AskOaktree knowledge.

CJ-WelchAllyn_WA71000-A_img03_highBoth the Welch Allyn 71000-A and 71000-C full-size otoscope handles look exactly alike. As shown in the figure to the left, both handles are comprised of the same top cap, battery charging module, handle tube sub assembly, and bottom cap.  In addition, both handles use the same exact rechargeable NiCad battery (item #72300, color-coded orange).  The charging instructions for both handles are the same. For all practical purposes, the Welch Allyn 71000-A and the 71000-C are the same handle with one teeny-tiny difference that actually translates into quite a huge feature in terms of providing a handy benefit.

71000-C battery convertorThe Welch Allyn 71000-C is a convertible handle that is designed to work with either a rechargeable NiCad battery OR two size “C” Alkaline batteries. This is accomplished by using the battery converter accessory (pictured right) that only comes packaged with the 71000-C handle. Without the battery converter, the 71000-C handle appears and functions no different than the 71000-A.  In those instances where the user needs to use Alkaline batteries to power the otoscope (i.e. mission trips, forgetting to re-charge the handle at the end of the day), the battery charging module must be unscrewed from the handle and replaced with the battery converter accessory. The NiCad battery must then be removed and replaced with two size “C” Alkaline batteries. If you already own a 71000-A handle, keep in mind that you can purchase the battery converter accessory for about $25.  So now you know the difference between the “A” and the “C” and what options you have in case of an otsocope emergency!

dave kempDave Kemp is Manager of Business Development at Oaktree Products where he works with Marketing and Customer Service to ensure customers have access to necessary resources and tools for business success.  Dave helps develop content for Oaktree’s corporate YouTube and Social Media channels (@Oaktree_Dave), helps manage the Oaktree Products website and associated E-commerce efforts, and represents the company at various state and national conferences and shows. He has a background in Sales and Marketing. Prior to joining Oaktree Products, Dave served as an Account Partner at Market Track providing strategic promotional planning to key accounts. Most recently, he was an Account Executive for Marketwired involved in the provision of news distribution and social communication solutions to public relations, business investors and marketing professionals. He has a passion for technology, sports and traveling the world.

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  1. Hey Julie,

    No problem at all. I figure that when one person is confused by something such as this, a lot of other people might be too. Glad that I could shed some light and help clear up the confusion!


  2. This has always been so confusing to our customers. Your explanation will help determine which handle they currently own or assist them in making an informed decision when purchasing a new handle, so thank you for making it so clear.

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