Bright Idea for Cerumen Management

A popular cerumen removal instrument used by many of my customers at Oaktree Products is the Bionix lighted ear curette. This disposable curette interfaces with a LED light source which provides illumination along the length of the entire curette.  To assemble the lighted ear curette, insert the end of the curette into the opening of the light source by aligning the pegs on the curette with the grooves inside the light source. Push the curette down into the light source and twist clockwise until the rotation stops. This will lock the curette into place and activate the light source. A magnification lens attaches to the neck of the light source to assist in enlarging the visual field. The lighted ear curettes come packaged in a quantity of 50 with one light source and one magnifier, and available in a variety of styles including (from left to right below) the AngleLoop®, Microloop®, Wavecurette™, FlexLoop®, and Infant Scoop®.  



Variety packs are also available.  Recently, lighted forceps were introduced (shown below), providing audiologists with disposable forceps for removing cerumen that is drier in consistency. Squeezing the spring grip will close the tip of the forceps. The lighted forceps come packaged ten to a box with one light source and one magnifier.

 As with the curettes, the lighted forceps have been designed for single use only. If you are interested in reviewing mechanical removal techniques, check out the free to view webinar on cerumen management at AudiologyOnline. If you prefer an article for reference, register for the free-to-view text base course at AudiologyOnline to access the publication Cerumen Management: Mechanical Removal.  Check out the cerumen removal blog spot by Dr. Jim Huttner who posts tips, techniques, and patient experiences related to cerumen removal.  Be sure to watch the one minute Bionix Lighted Curette Youtube video created by Oaktre Products.

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