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Do-It-Yourself Earplug Fitting System

The VitaSound Hearing Protector is a relatively new do-it-yourself fitting system designed to safely create custom earplugs utilizing the SonoFit delivery system. The SonoFit system is a headband connected to two silicone-filled inflation pumps (one on either side of the head) … Continue reading

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Fall Back for some real Daylight Savings!

Daylight saving time will end this upcoming Sunday whereby clocks will “fall back” officially at 2:00 am local time for those areas observing this practice. It was originally adopted by many countries as a means to conserve fuel during World … Continue reading

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Hearing Aids Made for iPhone – guest post by Jennifer Groth

Like many technical fields, audiology is rife with acronyms. Many are identical to those used in other fields, to the consternation of anyone trying to learn them. Take “REM” or “CIC”, for example. Recently, a new acronym has begun to … Continue reading

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