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ZipTip Kits Available for Audiology!

The popular ZipTips, previously sold only by the “each”, are now available in two convenient kits.  The Sizing Kit is comprised of 12 individual tips (either all RIC or all Thin Tube) with one of each tip size (small canal and medium canal) and one of … Continue reading

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For the audiologist fitting Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) and/or Thin Tube hearing aids, ZipTips showcased by Oaktree Products at AudiologyNow 2012 in Boston could be right up your alley!  ZipTips are medical grade silicone earmolds available in two styles (RIC or Thin Tube) that attach to the RIC unit … Continue reading

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Making Same-Day Custom Ear Products On the Spot!

Did you know that instant silicone material is available for your convenience? Instant silicone products are designed for making custom earmolds, swim plugs, and/or noise protectors in-house, eliminating the need to send impressions to an earmold manufacturer.  These products are extremely convenient in a variety of situations including offering … Continue reading

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Comply Canal Tip Clarification

Comply™ offers a variety of products related to hearing aid maintenance and repair, including a line of temporary earmolds designed for hearing instrument demonstrations and/or as a provisional solution in those situations where a current hearing instrument wearer requires an earmold remake.  There are … Continue reading

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