iPhone & iPad Otoscopy is Here!

booth352Wouldn’t it be cool to use your iPhone to perform video otoscopy? How about a high-quality video otoscope with a built-in LCD screen capable of wirelessly transferring captured images to your iPad or Kindle? If either of these technologies sounds intriguing and you will be at AudiologyNow in San Antonio next week, come visit Oaktree Products in the Audiology Solutions Exhibit Hall (booth #352) for some hands-on experience with these innovative product offerings. Even if you won’t be in Texas for the big show, the following is the quick and dirty on two very new and exciting video otoscopes.

The CellScope Oto PRO™ is a Smartphone-enabled digital otoscope designed to work with your iPhone 5, 5s or 6. The optical otoscope attachment converts the iPhone into a video otoscope that can capture, view, and share images or video of the tympanic membrane when used in conjunction with the CellScope mobile app. The product comes packaged with a specially designed iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 6 case, an optical otoscope attachment, cellscopetwo pediatric-sized reusable specula (2.5mm), two adult-sized reusable specula (4.5mm), a storage container (for otoscope attachment and specula) with attachable lanyard, and quick start guide.  Instructions for use including how to download the necessary app within the App Store also provided. The CellScope Oto PRO™ is also capable of insufflation for purposes of performing pneumatic otoscopy and compatible with Welch Allyn Insufflation Bulb (item# 21504) and the Welch Allyn Macroview Insufflation Bulb (item# 23804). The system is compatible with Welch Allyn Disposable Kleenspec (item# 52432U and 52434U) and Heine All-Spec Disposable specula (item# B-00.11.127 and B-00.11.128)

The JedMed Horus+ is a digital hand-held video otoscope with a built-in LCD screen to capture digital images and record video of the ear canal and tympanic membrane. The UVC mode allows images from the LCD screen to project to a larger computer screen. 39-7405Captured images and video files may be transferred from the Horus+ to a computer via provided USB cable. An optional Eyefi Mobi card will wirelessly send images and videos from the Horus+ to a computer, Tablet, iPhone, or any other Bluetooth enabled device.  The rechargeable, lithium ion battery provides up to 4 hours of continuous use when fully charged. No software installation is required making this an easy-to-use and convenient tool.  The product comes packaged with one JedMed Insufflation Bulb, eight adult disposable specula, and eight pediatric disposable specula.  The Horus+ is compatible with Welch Allyn Disposable Kleenspec (item# 52432U and 52434U) and Heine All-Spec Disposable specula (item# B-00.11.127 and B-00.11.128). For more information on these or any other video otoscope products, contact Oaktree Products toll free 800.347.1960 and ask for customer service.



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A.U. Bankaitis, PhD is a clinical Audiologist with extensive clinical, research, and business experience within the hearing industry. Dr. Bankaitis created this blog to educate her colleagues on viable product solutions for their patients and/or clinical practice.
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  1. As one of the very first FDA clinical trial participants from January 2014, I can tell you that the CellScope, which is licensed from the Remotoscope telehealth project from Georgia Tech, works very well, even on my iPhone 5, producing high quality stills and videos you can e-mail to the ENT or even patient with just a few taps of the finger — Teenagers & Millenials love this, as they can then post them on Facebook for their friends to see.

    In addition. the CellScope is very good for patient counseling, as it has a certain “wow” factor to it.

    ▬► However, perhaps the most important function of the CellScope for hearing care professionals is when you’re out and about the town with it riding around in your shirt pocket with the lens attached and peeking out, as it’s a great conversation starter with strangers and friends alike, as sometimes they open up about a hearing problem they or a loved one has.

    One important feature not mentioned in AU’s article above is “what do you do with the image & video files?” The folks at CellScope nicely take care of that for you to, with secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud storage, storing the files on your iPhone then initiating “lazy writes” to their datacenter, where they are viewable and downloadable on any web browser. Initially this storage was on an (expensive) subscription plan; however they recently had a nice change in policy where it’s for life.

    At this point it appears there’ll not be an Android version, most likely due to the wide variety of devices, and the need for separate external cases and individual FDA approval for each one: The FDA’s 510k process is so rigid, they (CellScope) didn’t produce a version for the iPhone 5C, even though the only difference between the 5 & 5C was the plastic case on the 5C is thicker. [However, if you really need it for dedicated use on a used iPhone 5C that’s off the cell network for dedicated use, any Stratasys 3D fused deposition modeling (FDM) printer that can extrude their new flexible Nylon 12 FDM material can print up the case, as this past August I connected the engineers from the two companies.]

    If you’re looking to pick up just one gadget at AudiologyNow! to differentiate your services from your competitors, stop by Oaktree’s booth #352 and buy one of these puppies — You’ll be glad you did!

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