Save on Lighted Ear Curettes with New Clinical Pack!

BionixThe very popular  Bionix Lighted Ear Curettes featured a few years ago on the Oaktree Products YouTube Channel (see Dave-the-Wave’s demo here) are now available in NEW clinical packs! Whereas the traditional Bionix Lighted Ear Curette packs come packaged with 50 lighted curettes, one light source and one magnification lens, the new, convenient clinical packs include 200 curettes, four light sources and four magnification lenses.  The clinical pack will save you about $30 compared to purchasing the same number of
lighted curettes via the 50-pack option. So, if you use this product often, consider the clinical pack. The Bionix Lighted Ear Curette clinical packs are available in a variety of styles including the AngleLoop (item# 2201), MicroLoop (item# 2202Bionix), WaveCurette (item# 2203Bionix), FlexLoop (item# 2204), CeraSpoon (item# 2205), InfantScoop (item# 2206), VersaLoop (item# 2207), and CeraPik (item# 2208).  A variety clinical pack (item# 2209) is also available and includes all curette styles except the CeraPik.  For more information on the Bionix Lighted Ear Curettes or any other cerumen management product, contact Oaktree Products at 800.347.1960 and ask for customer service.



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