How to Connect a Hearing Instrument Streamer to an Amplified Stethoscope

connectionThere are currently two amplified stethoscopes available designed to directly interface with a hearing instrument streamer: 1) the E-Scope II and 2) Thinklabs One (TL-One). In both instances, cords are needed to directly connect the hearing instrument streamer to the amplified stethoscope; however, the configuration for each stethoscope is different.  It is important for audiologists to be familiar with how to properly connect a hearing instrument streamer to the E-Scope II and the TL-One.

Connecting the E-Scope to a Streamer:

ESCOPESETUPTo properly connect the E-Scope II to a hearing instrument streamer, two separate cords are required: 1) the E-Scope patch cord (item# 711-7129), and 2) standard audio-in cable.  The E-Scope patch cord is an accessory item not packaged with the E-Scope II and available through Oaktree Products. The standard audio-in cable is an accessory cable packaged with the hearing instrument streamer and available through the hearing instrument manufacturer.  The USB portion of the patch cord connects to the USB port residing on the side of the E-Scope II. The male audio-in cable is used to connect the streamer to the female end of the patch cord. For a detailed visual illustration of this configuration, see Connecting E-Scope illustration in the News Section of the Oaktree Products website.

Connecting the TL-One to a Streamer:

tl-one connectedConnecting the TL-One to a hearing instrument streamer is a little more straightforward than the E-Scope II. For the TL-One, only one cord is necessary and that cord comes packaged with the TL-One. The male-male 3 foot cord used to connect the TL-One to the streamer resides in the plastic bag labeled THINKLINK INTERFACE.  Simply plug the right-angled portion of the cable into the TL-One and plug the other portion directly into the hearing instrument streamer. For a detailed visual illustration of this configuration, see Connecting TL-One illustration in the News Section of the Oaktree Products website.

Key Things to Remember:

  • The E-Scope II and the TL-One amplified stethoscopes do not have built-in Bluetooth capabilities; both stethoscopes are designed to interface with a streamer via a hardwire connection using cables.
  • In the case of open-fit, direct connection to streamer where a headphone may be used is the most ideal situation.  Without a headphone included in the configuration, the nature of an open-fit will result in critical low frequency information to be lost even with a low frequency emphasis program.  In these cases, try the E-Scope II with headphones directly connected to the streamer or try the TL-One with headphones without a direct connection to the streamer.

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